ASMR Laboratory - Experiment no. 001

Labcoat is standing in front of the sink that is filled with water waiting for me to make myself comfortable on the laboratory floor. He hands me his earphones and asks me to put them on. After I settle down he makes different gentle noises far away from the microphone. First a belly rub with its back to the microphone then a gentle snap behind a counter, both echoing in my ears loud and clear. I realise that if I want to stay and observe the experiment even the slightest movement is forbidden, everything is too loud. I hand back the earphones and try to find a position that I can hold for 10 minutes. I lie down on a thick yoga mat and prop my back against a huge pillow. Even though it feels comfortable and I shouldn’t be worried I notice a little tension in me. Then I hear the first sound of a water drop and the tension starts to ease. I enjoy the different sounds following one after another and I soon find myself feeling light as a leaf and as calm as a summer sea.

The journey has just begun…

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