Welcome to

ASMR Laboratory!

We’re just experimenting with sounds.

We work with pleasant noises that might help you to relax.

Latest experiments

ASMR Laboratory – Experiment No. 003

Dr. Labskirt’s laboratory note: I have always been fascinated by the sound of men's beard as I ran my fingers through it. Today the time has finally come to do it under laboratory conditions. Not...

ASMR Laboratory – Experiment No. 002

Before any experiment we choose our instruments with great care but then we randomly use them. For this reason, we never know what the experiment has in store for us and there are always surprising...

ASMR Laboratory – Experiment No. 001

Labcoat is standing in front of the sink that is filled with water waiting for me to make myself comfortable on the laboratory floor. He hands me his earphones and asks me to put them on. After I...

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